Employees and Job seeker

Are you looking for a job or for a different role? Here you can inform yourself about the skills that are required, check which skills you already have and define the gap. We offer practical solutions to improve your competenecies. (Note: any results can be downloaded for future use. If you register at our site, they can be stored and retrieved in the future).

360º Skills view.

This gives you a complete overview about the new skills that are the most important for jobs in tourism.

Create my Skills Profile

Create the profile of your current skills. Compare your profile with the requirements of specific positions and jobs.

Find my skills gaps.

Once you have created your skills profile, you can match it with a wide series of jobs in the tourism sector and find out where you need to improve.

What job matches best to my skills?

We show you the jobs and positions that match best with your current skills profile.

Where can I improve my skills?

We show you possibilities to improve your current skills and get to the next higher level.

Where can I find a job?

Look here to find the information about online job search, international job offers, and mobility.